Week 1 at Home

posted Mar 22, 2020, 7:47 AM by Jan Schaedle
Hello everyone!
I pray this finds you well.  It was nice seeing so many of you last Monday.  How is the work going?  Please email
me at jschaedle@resurrectionschool.org.  Send pics of your child's work or fun projects they are doing at home.  
Baking cookies can count as measurement! Making jello is Science!  I have been working to find new, fun, 
educational online sources for you and your child.  Please share anything you find with me.  And even though it is chilly, 
try to get outside and get the wiggles out.  I'll post more resources next weekend.

Miss Megan's Camp Kindergarten on Facebook
Home Safari Zoo live on Facebook @3pm M-F

A Tooty Ta song by Dr. Jean (good fun)
Jack Hartman (great action and learning)
Science with Duggee:  
    Duggee's Best Bits (Solar system, water cycle, fossils, trees...)
    Wonderful Weather (good review and pictures, most students did not know what hail looks like)
Homeschool Pop:
     Urban, Suburban, Rural Communities    First and Second Grade Social Studies Lesson  (we just began this topic)
     Continents of the World  (we constantly review this)
     Coins for Kids (we just began this topic)
     Good and Services  (follows our lesson on Needs and Wants)

cincymuseum.org       go to wonderzone