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posted Jan 3, 2020, 4:31 PM by Jan Schaedle
Ten Reasons to Read to Your Child

1.  Because when you hold them and give them attention, they know you love them.
2.  Because reading to them will encourage them to become readers.
3.  Because children's books today are so good that they are fun even for adults.
4.  Children's books' illustrations often rank with the best, giving them a lifelong feeling for good       art.
5.  Books are one way of passing on moral values to them.  Readers know how to put                
     themselves in others' shoes.
6.  Because, until they learn to read themselves, they will think you are magic.
7.  Because every teacher and librarian they will ever encounter will thank you.
8.  Because it's nostalgic.
9.  Because, for that short space of time, they will stay clean and quiet.
10. Because, if you do, they will let you read in peace.

from The U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D Librarian Magazine, No. 39