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posted Nov 1, 2019, 7:54 AM by Jan Schaedle
November 1, 2019

Now that cooler weather is upon us the kiddies are bringing jackets and hats to keep warm.  PLEASE put your child's name in the coats.  One day we spent 20 minutes trying to straighten out which jacket belonged to which child.  

Miss Lisa has been coming to our class once a week to teach Mindfulness.  The children are learning to recognize and name their feelings.  They are learning how to tune in to their bodies and how to calm themselves.  It's remarkable.

Next week I will be out of town Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will be here Thursday.  On Friday I am having an epidural steroid injection in my back to hopefully help my legs feel better.  Mrs. Werner will be the Substitute Teacher on these days.  

Thursday, November 7 is Picture Day!  Be sure to send your money if you wish to purchase pictures.