Classroom Information

posted Aug 26, 2019, 10:10 AM by Jan Schaedle


                                                                                          August 27, 2019




Welcome to First Grade!  We are all looking forward to this new school year.  I am happy to have your child in my class.  Together we can have a terrific school year.  Here is some information that will help us all have a successful school year:


~  Mrs. Werner is our classroom aide.  She will help the children with Reading lessons in the mornings.  She helps serve all of the school’s lunches.


~  No cologne, perfume, or scented lotions, please!  I am allergic to these products.  They cause me to have an asthma attack very quickly.  Please do not let your child come to school wearing any scents.  Thank you.


~  Yellow folder – Please check the Homework sheet every day for notes or messages. Be sure to sign the Homework Sheet each day M-Th.  This tells me that you checked your child’s completed homework and helped with practicing words.  Homework will begin Sept. 3.  


~ Sight Word Lists – These lists are to be practiced daily at home.  Reading becomes easier when the student instantly recognizes these common words.  We will work our way through 11 of these lists at your child’s own pace.  Please keep this list in the folder so we can practice at school also.


~ Breakfast begins at 7:30.  Please be on time.  Breakfast is not offered after 7:55.  A hungry child has difficulty staying on task.


~  Put names on backpacks and jackets.  Belongings don’t get mixed up if they are labeled.


~ Feel free to leave a message at the school office if you need to speak with me.  I will return your call within 24 hours.



                                                            I know this will be a wonderful school year!

                                                            Mrs. Schaedle